Short doc Perspectief

Short documentary made for Perspectief victim offender mediations, director’s cut

Project info: It all starts with a simple theft of a bag. What happens next is something both perpetrator and victim could not predict. This short documentary, made on behalf of Perspectief, a Dutch organization that brings perpetrators of crimes into contact with victims, tells the story of two lives that meet.

It’s a story full of paradox: the offender, a drug addict, asks the judge for a longer sentence. The victim wants to report the perpetrator, with one condition: that something positive comes out of it. For the offender.

After interviewing both main characters in preparation of this production, I realized how both lives were wide apart, but were connected through this simple crime.

This is the director’s cut.
Client: Perspectief Herstelbemiddeling
Media: Video
My role: Script, interview, camera, edit
Languages: Dutch

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