Op-Doc: Mumbai’s Midnight Gardeners

Another magnificent Op-Doc, by New York Times. The well crafted online video series by the American news organisation. ‘Mumbai’s Midnight Gardeners’ features two night workers; Rajesh and Ganesh. They water the many plants of the Indian capital. At night. When the city sleeps but a working day for these men is in full effect.

In (and on top of) their water truck they disclose their life stories. Love life, the Indian cast system, daily struggles, everything comes to light.

Documentary filmmaker Divya Pathak creates an intimate, beautifully shot and color graded video portrait. The empty the streets of the night, in stark contrast to the day, the amazing soundscapes, the charming main characters, it all adds up to another exquisite Op-Doc.

Watch Mumbai’s Midnight Gardeners, Op-Doc by New York Times

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