How I Surf – interactive photo series

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Interactive web series

Project info: How do you surf? That’s the question RNW put to young people from Cuba to China, Nigeria to South Sudan. RNWs interactive photo series ‘How I Surf’ portrays young netizens in their natural surfing habitat. The goal of the project was to allow RNW’s young target groups to allow for comparison between the issues they encounter when surfing the web in their countries, like blockades, low bandwith and censorship.

But ‘How I Surf’ also reveals how the web helps them in their daily lives, the stuff they buy online and the social media channels they prefer. It makes use of the interactive photo app ‘ThingLink’.


Media: Interactive photography

My role: Concept development and project roll-out

Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (RNW’s language desks)

View the full ‘How I Surf’ project on ThingLink

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