Cut and paste photography on tourism by Natacha de Mahieu

Theatre of Authenticity Natacha de Mahieu


When it comes to (frequent flyer) miles we might think we been traveling a long way. But socially, the journeys we make hardly cross any borders. No more loneliness in most parts of our planet. We go where everyone goes.

When more and more travel pictures are shared via social media, this phenomenon seems to increase. Symbolised by the ironic and alarming symbol of the social media queue.

Belgian photographer Natacha de Mahieu makes a critical series on mass tourism. Via geolocation she finds the mosts visited tourist spots (or traps) and makes collages of visitors. Would it be stronger if it wasn’t cut and pasted in Photoshop? Probably. Does it do the job anyhow? By showing us how we have become traveling lemmings? It sure does.

Watch ‘Theatre of Authenticity’ by Natacha de Mahieu in ‘De Volkskrant’

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