Chaptered life story – an interactive multimedia longscroll

Interactive/multimedia longread ‘Denish’

Project info: This impressive life story is told by Denish, former child soldier from Uganda. The kind of story you find in an evil children’s book. Non-fiction, that is.
This multimedia production has been made in close cooperation with War Child Holland. This Dutch NGO provides psychosocial support to children affected by armed conflict. Denish has been a child soldier in the civil war in Northern Uganda. He was forced to join the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in their fight for control over the Northern part of the African country.
Denish’ interview was done February 2017. In 2017 War Child Holland closed the programme in Uganda after being active in the country for 12 years.
Watch this longscroll, or ‘chaptered life story’ on how Denish wakes up from his childhood nightmares.
Client: Autonomous
Media: Video, photography
My role: Interviewing, video editing, production and interaction design
Languages: English

Watch the full multimedia longscroll story "Waking up from childhood nightmares"

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